Culligan® Sulfur-OX3

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Culligan® Sulfur-OX3™ Water Filter

Environmentally friendly and highly efficient, this water filter for sulfur removal is designed to remove moderate levels of bad-smelling sulfur from your water without the use of chemicals.

If you detect the smell of rotten eggs coming from your tap water, sulfur could be the cause. The Culligan® Sulfur-OX3™ water filter can help reduce sulfur in your water, giving you better tasting – and smelling – water, straight from the faucet.

  • An environmentally-friendly water filtration system that requires no chemicals to treat your water
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide, helping to remove unpleasant smells that may be present in tap water
  • Helps to protect plumbing, appliances and fixtures from the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide

The Culligan® Sulfur-OX3™ Is Designed To Ensure:

  • High-Level Performance
  • The Sulfur-OX3 uses an aeration process combined with a catalytic activated carbon to filter hydrogen sulfide out of tap water without using chemicals.
  • Convenience
  • A back-lit display lets you know your filter is working and alerts you if the system malfunctions.
  • Reliability
  • The sturdy fiberglass tank and non-corrosive valve ensure the water filtration system provides years of quality service.

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